The Tragic Talents of Jan-Nicklas H. (gebundenes Buch/englisch)

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Kategorie: Psychothriller
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Autor: Lars Hackl
Genre: Psychothriller
Sprache: englisch
Seitenanzahl: 400
Auflage: 1. (11/2019)
ISBN: 978-3-948444-05-1
GTIN: 9783948444051


Everything always catches up with you.

Jan-Nicklas H. is blessed with all talents: He is young, looks fantastic, is highly intelligent, athletic and has always been able to appear fascinating to other people. Although all doors are open to him, he chooses the dark path. Using his talents in the wrong direction, he becomes more and more involved in manipulative games and the most bizarre experiments. Whoever does not admire him unconditionally is against him and will be mercilessly punished, even to death. He tolerates collateral damage without emotion. He does not judge and wait for life to do it. Only the encounter with the enchanting Nadia lets him recognize his true identity. But everything he has done, inexorably fetches him piece by piece in a furious finale.

This intriguing psycho-thriller is written with a distinctive methodology that draws the reader deeply and mercilessly into the book: one almost automatically assumes the identity and psyche of the protagonist, immersing himself in his mental puzzles and unique personality traits. This book leaves you stunned.

"The tragic talents of Jan-Nicklas H." is a psychological thriller that stages the depths of the human psyche.

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